Promotional Opportunities


Build interest in your brand with promotional opportunities that encourage attendees to visit your booth once they get to the meeting. Stand out from the crowd with these powerful traffic drivers and secure one of the many signage opportunities to build brand recognition. Feature a banner in one of the meetings pre-show promotions, digital or onsite convention center opportunities. The result: increased sales that grow your bottom line.

Pocket Program ($25,000)

A comprehensive meeting information booklet available and distributed to all attendees, the Pocket Program contains information on all aspects of the meeting. Sponsor receives two full page displays to include the inside back cover and one interior page.

Hotel Key Card ($15,000)

Customized hotel room keys are distributed to attendees staying at the headquarters hotel. The sponsor will have the opportunity to work with ASTRO to personalize the key card design.

Charging Station ($10,000)

Capture the undivided attention of attendees as they power up their mobile devices.

Audiovisual ($5,000)

Enjoy the visibility associated with one of the key components of the meeting. Signage will be offered showing the company’s name.

Online Conference Planner

The Online Conference Planner provides attendees with access to sessions, abstracts, exhibitor information and more. Attendees will be able to create their personal itinerary and highlight their favorite presentations and presenters.

Leaderboard Display ($2,500)

Up to three Leaderboard Displays available for purchase will rotate at all times on the home/landing page of the Online Conference Planner. Display links to exhibitor website page.

Specifications: On demand

Deadline: To be confirmed

Premier Display Banner ($5,000)

These large colorful banners are positioned in prominent locations through the meeting space and provide unparalleled visibility for your corporate display.

Wi-Fi ($5,000)

Attendees will enjoy free wireless Internet throughout the meeting space. Your company name will appear on the wireless landing page and any relevant signage.

Secure your promotional opportunities now. For more information, contact the Corporate Relations Department at 703-502-1550 or download our promotional opportunities brochure.

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